Pictured above is me from this weekend kayaking at Glen O Jones Lake. I put way too much sunblock on. You don’t even have to zoom in to tell! LOL!

But the worst sunburn I’ve ever had was earlier in the summer.

It was my first kayak trip of the season. I didn’t put on any sunblock because I never burned before then. I’d just tan a little. Sunburns never lasted long and were never severe.

But that one became pretty severe.

Not hospital severe but too painful to wear pants and long shorts severe.

Lucky for me, I quit my job that week and didn’t have to go in to work in agony wearing pants. I was able to roll my shorts up and be in just a lot of pain instead of being horribly in pain.

The sunburn pain lasted a few weeks.

Now, I’m fine rubbing too much sunblock on me and looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost rather than looking like a burned hotdog!