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About the Shawn Gossman Blog

The Shawn Gossman blog is a blog dedicated to publishing articles all about blogging!

You can expect to find blogging articles on this blog about many different topics, such as the blogging basics like:

  • Creating a blog
  • Create a newsletter for your blog
  • Creating an online community for your blog

You can also find articles published here about promoting your blog and its content, including:

  • Marketing your blog
  • Blog search engine optimization
  • Promoting your blog on social media

And I’ll definitely show you how to turn your blog into an actual business by:

  • Learning how to make money blogging
  • The business of blogging
  • Creating products and services to sell on your blog

If the Shawn Gossman blog sounds like its a blog for you, be sure to check out what we have to offer.

Check out a few of my latest blog posts to see for yourself!

About Shawn Gossman

About Shawn Gossman

Howdy folks, I’m Shawn Gossman!

I’ve been a blogger for over twenty years.

In fact, when I started blogging, it wasn’t even called blogging. I used to create HTML pages with content on them. I’d then add a guest book to each page for people to comment on or a discussion forum. Then, when WordPress came into the picture, I knew I had found something to absolutely fall in love with.

I love to write. I love blogs. I decided my best niche was to write blogs about creating, promoting, and profiting from blogs.

I’m not here to tell you that I’m some sort of blogging expert you should follow. I’m here to tell you that on my blog, I’ll show you how I’ve been successful all these years in making my blog a business. My blog generates not just any income but a profitable income. I’ve learned a lot in over decades of blogging. Why keep it all to myself when I can help other bloggers?

The internet needs more bloggers, too. My niche is blogging. So, that means I have to deliver the best content possible so that more bloggers will be born. That’s what you’ll get from following me, my newsletter, and my blog.

A bit more about me:

I also blog about hiking and cycling, two of my favorite forms of fitness and very passionate hobbies. Those blogs also make me money. You don’t have to stick with one niche, and I’m proof of that. I’ll show you more about that in this blog.

I’m also in my 40s. I’m a man. I’m with the girl of my dreams (because of my blog). I’m living a great life. I live in the country in southern Illinois (USA). I’m very much into the outdoors, but I like to come inside and write on my blogs, too.

That’s me in a nutshell!


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