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Shawn Joseph Gossman

Welcome to the official website of Shawn J. Gossman. This website serves as a resume as well as a blog on the topics of security, crisis mitigation and preparedness and public health.

Shawn Gossman is holds a Master of Science in Homeland Security with a concentration in Emergency Management and Public Health. He also holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Government Sector). Shawn has over 50 certifications from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He has 10+ years of professional and managerial experience in private security, quality assurance and emergency management.

The information found in Shawn’s blog is for pure interest and should be used at your own risk. Shawn maintains an educational, research and referenced-based interest in topics relating to homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, continuity, public health and security. He shares his knowledge for free in his blog to help individuals, agencies, businesses and organizations.

Shawn is also an avid hiking and cycling enthusiasts and is featured on his own YouTube and social media brands called, Hiking with Shawn.