So, my Shawn Gossman blog is where post articles about blogging tips.

I have Serious Bloggers which is a landing page for my newsletter about blogging tips and a future homepage of a paid online community I’m working on for bloggers.

And I have this blog which I use for daily posts about anything and everything. I don’t always post every day, but I’d like to get into the habit of doing it.

I’ve decided to pivot, in a way, but not in a way.

I’m going to move my Shawn Gossman blog to Serious Bloggers. The name relates more to what I’m trying to do with that blog and it’s young enough where the move won’t be too significant on the impact of SEO. Of course, I’ll do my thing to make it good for that.

Then, I’m going to move this blog to Shawn Gossman and let this blog’s domain pretty much expire.

I feel like this will effectively be a good pivot or move if you will at the end of the day.

Let’ hope for a smooth transition!