I’ve been with Michelle, my girlfriend, for around 6 years now.

We met because she was a fan of my Hiking with Shawn brand. Hiking has definitely changed my life for the better. Before her, I had given up on having any sort of relationship. Before hiking, I didn’t have a great life and figured I’d always be alone.

Then she came along and everything changed.

I couldn’t see myself without her. It makes me depressed thinking about the possibilities of that. I love her so dearly. I love her kids like they’re my own. Her and her family filled a void in my soul that was open for a very long time.

So, right after totality during the Total Solar Eclipse, I proposed.

She said yes. 🙂

We’re getting married August 15 of this year. That’s a few months from now. The next day, I turn 40. Then we’re off to the Smokey Mountains for a week of adventure and hopefully not getting eaten alive by black bears. 😀

Life is great. I hope you all have a great life as well. Thanks for reading.