Long, long, long time ago (circa 2012-13ish), I ran a message forum called Another Admin Forum.

It was a big forum before I closed it down.

I closed it because I got really poor. I didn’t tell anyone about me being poor, either. There were nights I thought I was going to freeze to death because during on my furnace was something I could not afford.

To this day, the winter I lived through back then was the worst I’ve ever seen. So much ice. So much snow.

But I close Another Admin Forum AAF because I couldn’t afford to do websites anymore.

AAF was a forum which is an online discussion board. Forums used to active in the early 2000s. Then social media came alone and they lost a lot of activity.

But now they seem to be kicking up again.

I originally gave AAF (and the domain name, AnotherAdminForum.com, to a different admin forum owner).

Admin Forums are forums dedicated to helping you start your own discussion forum.

If you’re not into forums, all this will probably be pretty nerdy, LOL, but I grew up in that era and I’ve always been a computer nerd sort of guy.

Anyways, the exciting this is that AnotherAdminForum.com was always unavailable. Then it was available. Now it’s not – because I just bought it.

I’m going to launch the forum again.

I’ve launched other admin forums after it but they never felt the same. Now I have AAF again and I’m going to get it going, like the old days.

I probably won’t make another post about this forum. LOL. If you want to keep up with that. Head over to AnotherAdminForum.com when it’s live, register (it’s free), and see what’s going on there.