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The purpose of this is to provide weekly articles, resources, and tools focusing on content creation and digital marketing spaces. Whether you’re a blogger, an online community developer, a copywriter, a social media influencer, a brand, or even a marketer – this website was created to help you get better at what you’re already getting better at by simply looking for help.

Shawn Gossman

Who is Shawn Gossman?

I’m the founder of this website, a blog. I have been passionate about content creation and digital marketing techniques for over twenty years. I started with the discussion forum administration, eventually went to blogging, onto social media, and I’m even a local influencer in the outdoors space. In the decades that I’ve been enhancing my experience in content and marketing, I’ve learned many great things, and I’ve even made some mistakes. I want to take what I’ve learned and teach it to you for free using this website.

More About Who I am!

While I write about many different topics and can provide content and marketing services for just about any niche, I have my favorite areas of expertise. I’m really into the outdoors. In 2012, I realized I was living a very inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. I changed it by buying a bicycle and becoming an avid cyclist. I eventually got into hiking as well. Hiking led me to create my local online brand and become an outdoor writer. I live in the country with the love of my life, and life is better than it has ever been before.

About Shawn Gossman

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