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The Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide focuses on efforts and topics relating to emergency preparedness in a rural community and rural-based business environment. Rural communities and businesses often face constraints in financial resources, non-financial resources and personnel management and use during major crisis events. The Rural Emergency Management Preparedness Guide was created to help counter that challenge for emergency management and business continuity professional located in rural environments. The Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide is provided for free, online as part of a series of exclusively created guides concentrating on rural communities and rural businesses in the United States.


Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide


Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide Information

The Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide focuses on various topics including emergency preparedness planning, preparing for various rural-based natural, technological and terrorism-specific disaster scenarios, rural risk assessment and planning measures, gather rural resources and assets with constraints of financial challenges in mind and information of rural-based business and organizational continuity of services before, during and after a disaster and/or crisis-related incident has occurred within a rural community.


The Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide was created and written by Shawn J. Gossman. Shawn is a professional certified Specialist in Emergency Management (SEM) with a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and Master’s degree in Homeland Security. Shawn is certified in over 100 different professional certification programs from FEMA, firefighting, emergency medical services and other related incident management and disaster science programs. Shawn is a developing subject matter expert in the fields of rural emergency management, rural public health and rural business continuity.


The Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide is over 10,000 words in length. The main focus of the guide is directed at rural communities and rural businesses. However, some larger communities and business might find the information within the Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide as useful knowledge to enhance emergency management and business continuity in their environments. The Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide is a part of an ongoing series of rural emergency management related guides that will be published throughout 2015.


The Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide is free to anyone, any community and any business/organizational entity that wishes to use it for reference. Information within the guide is not guaranteed to be effective and by using the Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide, you agree to this. As the guide is free, this doesn’t mean that others can re-brand the guide or portions of the guide and call it their own work. Please feel free to contact Shawn Gossman for media and/or other feedback in association to the Rural Emergency Preparedness Guide and rural related topics.


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This article was written by Shawn J. Gossman, BS, MS, SEM. Shawn is a developing expert in rural emergency management and rural business continuity. Shawn holds a bachelor and master degree concentrating in emergency management and public health. Shawn is a professionally certified Specialist in Emergency Management (SEM). Shawn serves as the Assistant Fire Chief for the rural Village of Bush, Illinois.

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Shawn J. Gossman
Shawn J. GossmanB.S., M.S., M.B.A., SEM, PDS
Shawn J. Gossman is an article and publication contributor of rural and remote-based emergency management, continuity and public health topics. Shawn holds a Master of Science concentrating in Emergency Management and a MBA in Hazardous Environment Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Shawn is dedicated to helping rural communities and organizations be a part of the Whole Community approach of National Preparedness.