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Over the years, I have learned a lot about content creation and digital marketing. These topics quickly turned into passions after I discovered them. With a combination of business education (MBA graduate) and over twenty years of experience, I offer my services at a reasonable rate for those who need help with their online presence and spaces.


Check out what I have to offer below, and I look forward to talking with you about it!

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Welcome to Hire Shawn Gossman, where you can learn more about what services I can provide to you in the content creation and digital marketing industries. Thank you for considering my services; it means a lot to me!

I offer the following services for blogging and related industries:

  • Ghostwriting Services: I write your blog post/article, and you take credit for it. The desired length of the article will impact the price rate. I am open to any niche or topic that I can easily research openly online. Proper grammar, mobile-friendly structures, and Search Engine Optimization tactics will be used throughout the article. I can also find you royalty-free images relating to the topic for an extra charge.
  • Article Review Services: You write the article or blog post, and I will review it. I will check for spelling and grammar errors, infuse Search Engine Optimization structures into the content, and help arrange it where it will fit your blog or website better.
  • Blog Auditing Services: I will thoroughly inspect every aspect of your blog (from the front end) and give you a detailed review and audit in PDF form through email. The audit will point out errors and things you may consider changing to better the blog. Audits will include SEO structure, grammar issues, marketing tips, and look and feel inspections through computer and mobile auditing.
  • Blog Coaching ServicesFor an hourly free, I can provide one-on-one (email, text, or Slack) coaching services to you. This would be the best service for you to ask me for advice directly and get specific help and information about your related blogging and content creation needs.

For a reasonable fee, I provide the following social media services to help you grow your brand, business, or organization:

  • Copywriting for Social Media: I will provide marketing and advertising copy for your social media ads in text form. I don’t offer graphic design, so you know.
  • Content Creation: I can create content for you to publish on your social media pages. I do not provide page management services. But I can create engaging content associated with your niche that you can post on your social pages.
  • Social Page Auditing: I will thoroughly audit your social media page(s) and give you a detailed report on my findings featuring marketing advice, content advice, SEO advice, moderation advice, look and feel, and other essential aspects.
  • Social Media Coaching: Through email, text, or Slack – I can provide coaching services for one-on-one direct questions and information for social media marketing for an hourly fee.

For a reasonable fee, I provide the following services for those who run discussion forums or social groups:

  • Forum Posting Service: I can provide new topics, replies, and engaging discussions on your discussion forum. I charge fees based on post amounts.
  • Community Auditing: I will thoroughly audit your discussion forum or social group and give you a detailed report on topics of marketing ideas, moderation, content, SEO, and related.
  • Coaching: For an hourly fee, I can provide one-on-one coaching services through email, text, or Slack.
  • Policy Creation: I can write forum rules, terms, and privacy policies for online communities or social groups.

For other services directly related to what services I have to offer that are not listed here, I welcome you to reach out and ask me about them. 

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